Morrin Center Receives Nancy Ouei

Nancy 71

This article is divided into two sections: a) In Conversation with Nancy Ouei and b) The Activity

In Conversation with Nancy Ouei at the Morrin Center on February 3, 2015

Nancy was born in China in 1943. Both her parents were children of Chinese diplomats. Nancy’s father returned to China a few years after finishing his engineering degree in Glasgow, Scotland and married Carmen . He found a job in a mining town that was run by a British firm. When the Communist took over China, Gordon & Carmen Ouei decided to flee with their two children, Nancy & Ian, to Peru. They were able to find passage on a Danish boat.

In Peru Nancy and her family lived in the mountains where Gordon worked as an engineer in a small mining town run by a Belgian firm. Nancy and Ian attended an American school in Lima before moving to the mining town and then a local school run by the firm in the Andes. They already knew Chinese and English, but would quickly learn Spanish as well. When Nancy finished grade school, she moved back to Lima to complete high school. While there she lived with her paternal grandparents. Once her high school was over, she left Peru to attend a university in the USA on a scholarship. While studying at the university, she fell in love with a young biochemistry student from France and after they finished their studies, they went to live in France. At one point her husband decided to go to do an internship in Israel for a year. Nancy accompanied him and during her year there she learned Hebrew. Later on, Nancy’s husband accepted a position at the University of Sherbrooke and thus, Nancy, her husband and family moved to Canada. Nancy over the years has worked as an ESL teacher, EFL teacher, and also taught Spanish.

In the early 1980s Nancy and her second husband and their children moved to Quebec City where Nancy continued to teach. She eventually became the coordinator for ESL courses at Laval University’s École de Langues. She would hold this position for over 15 years until her retirement nine years ago.

Nancy is presently working on history of the Ouei family which she can trace back to more than two thousand years! She and her husband, a recognized research scientist, enjoy traveling, social dance, visiting their children and grandchildren, entertaining & being entertained.

The Activity

The goal of the activity is to meet with and learn about an active member of the Morrin Centre who has led a very rich life, and to do so in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. During the activity on Tuesday, February 3 at the centre the animator for the evening will choose certain subjects and will ask questions to Nancy based on these. The themes will be chosen from among the following: family background, education, career, language learning, travels, hobbies, life lessons, inspiring encounters, and favorite books. The audience will be invited and highly encouraged to ask Nancy questions in the language of their choice after the initial interview. Those who choose to attend will encounter a warm, generous and inspiring woman with a subtle sense of humor whose ongoing life story will pique the audiences’ interest.

In order to reserve your place, google Morrin Centre Upcoming Events and reserve your place. The activity is on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 and begins at 7 pm.

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